Mother's Day 2024

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to prepare greeting cards for mothers in Senior centers and homeless shelters for Mother's Day community service. We are also looking for volunteers to prepare flower arrangements and gifts baskets and deliver them to Senior Centers and Homeless shelters in major cities across the US for Mother's Day.


For this opportunity, the volunteers will create Mother's Day cards with uplifting messages to be distributed amongst the residents in Senior Centers. This will bring smiles in the seniors' face and cheers in their lives.


  • Do not put in envelopes.
  • Do not include any type of religious messages.
  • A few examples of what you can make:
    • Sending Smiles (Smiley face theme)
    • Sending Bear Hugs (bear cut out card)
    • Thinking of You
    • Sending warm wishes
    • You are a Star (shooting stars)
    • You are a champion (sports drawing)
    • People love silly cards. Jokes, riddles, and funny sayings are great to include


Consider our dollar-a-day program, where a $365/year donation sponsors a student's education, medical needs, mid-day meals, and uniforms for the whole year. Your contribution will make a significant impact on a child's life. Thank you for your support!

Mothers Day 2024

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